Ball® Fresh Preserving Kit 21-qt

21-quart waterbath canner is prefect for canning fruits, salsas, pickles, jams and jellies and more. The Enamel coated steel base is non-porous for easy cleaning and will not react with foods.


  • 21-Qt. Waterbath Canner that holds up to 7 quart jars
  • Premium canning rack, chrome plated to resist corrosion that accommodates large and small jars
  • Essential 4 piece utensil set
  • Jar Funnel: Place in mouth of jar to fill without spilling
  • Jar Lifter: Safely lift jars out of hot water with the blue gripping end
  • Lid Lifter: Lift lids out of hot water with the magnetic end
  • Bubble Remover & Headspace Tool: Slide into the side of filled jar to release air bubbles and measure headspace.


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