If you are looking for a long blooming, deer resistant, low maintenance tree to add color to your garden, then Crepe Myrtle may be the tree for you! I for one would highly recommend this beautiful plant as a welcome addition to any formal or informal landscape.

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HOSTA-MANIA has begun here at Dambly’s and it is no surprise why this is one of the best times of the year for our customers. If there was a popularity poll for perennials, hostas would be right on the top of the charts! They are a staple of shady garden spots and a top choice due to their lush foliage.
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NEW for 2016!! We have recently brought in an attractive selection of water fountains, garden benches, statues and more! A garden accent made from stone will not only be a beautiful addition to your landscape, it will be long lasting! Check out some of our new items

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One of the common questions we receive as garden center representatives is, "what flowers will provide the longest display of blooms?" Although some of the most striking perennial flowers produce brilliant color for only a short time, there are some great selections that you can enjoy longer because they re-bloom throughout the season. 

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Have you met "Tomato Ted"? If so he may have shown you some pictures of his harvests! Ted's garden shows that with a few fundamental factors in place, anyone can raise great tomatoes in their South Jersey garden.


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Contain Your Excitement with 5 Great Annuals!

Gardeners can be Choosers

Let your imagination flow with possibilities, but keep a few things in mind. Think about sun, wind and shade requirements and where you're going to place your plants. Consider flower color, texture & height – how they look alone and in combination. Ask yourself, is the plant compatible with other plants together in the same pot? It's best to combine plants with similar needs, but sun-loving plants that grow above shade-loving will sometimes work out. The list of annuals ideal for containers is very long. In case you're stuck, we've named 5 of our favorites to get you started.

5 Flowering Favorites

Fuschia – The name is also the color. This plant with lovely little bell-shaped flowers likes partial shade.
Gazania – Or African daisy. Daisy-shaped flowers come in a vivid color range featuring red, orange, yellow, white and pink and close at night. This annual wants full sun.
Begonias – From full sun to dense shade; flowers from spring to first frost in beautiful white, red or pink!
Portulaca – Can you say “hot and dry”? Those are the perfect full-sun conditions for these small, but fast growing annuals with 1" flowers in white, red, orange, pink and yellow.
Verbena – These plants reach a size of six to ten inches. But don't over-pamper them with excesses of anything. Full to partial sun. Verbena blooms in clusters of small flowers in shades of blue, mauve, white, pink or purple

Growing Beautiful Annuals in Containers If you think annuals are only for flowerbeds, you’re missing out. Wherever you grow annuals, they will reward you with beautiful colors, bright foliage, and soothing fragrances all season long. But when you plant them in containers, they provide even more benefits.

5 Reasons to Grow Annuals in Containers:

1. Experiment with different types of plant combinations
2. Get creative with what you plant them in
3. Can move containers around to the ideal location
4. It’s easy to do – even for beginners & kids!
5. Perfect for those with limited gardening time or space

Choosing Containers:
There’s a lot of latitude when choosing a container for your annuals, but here are a few important things to think about:
• Containers should complement the plant, not overwhelm or outshine it
• Containers should be sturdy but not too heavy
• They must have drainage holes.
• In most cases, containers should beat least 6 inches deep. Taller flowers need deeper containers. • Cascading plants and vines work well in hanging baskets
• Get creative – use old boots, wheelbarrows or something else that adds character to your garden

Easy Come, Easy Grow Follow these friendly tips – and grow with confidence.

• Make a clean start. Always use a clean container. And use a superior potting mix that drains well and isn't clumpy like Espoma’s All-Purpose Potting Mix.
• Watch and learn. Espoma’s Container Gardening video will give you the planting instructions you need. You can find thevideo at www.espoma.com/videos.
• A different kind of deadhead. Keep annuals blooming throughout the season by “deadheading” them. When flowers begin to die, just pop off the seed head with your fingers to encourage new blooms.
• Get closer with your plants.Just a side note – remember,you can plant annual combinations closer together in containers(4"), because their roots won't compete
• Feed ’em right. Feed plants regularly with high quality organic plant food, like Espoma's Plant-tone or Flower-tone. Follow the application rates on the package
• Hold your water. Watering needs vary by plant. In general, don't flood, but thoroughly soak the soil. Excess water should exit through drainage holes in the pot. You shouldn’t see any puddles at top.

We hope we've inspired you to fill your surroundings – and containers – with beautiful annuals. Choosing to grow annuals in containers is the easy part. Deciding on the combination you like best – now that’s the real challenge!

Chicks have arrived! Raising chickens can be a rewarding experience, especially once you are able to enjoy fresh eggs straight from your own backyard! All you need is a little time, work and knowledge!

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Creating a perennial garden is a wonderful investment that you will enjoy year after year, so it is worth taking the time to plan a layout that will optimize your space and allow you to enjoy colorful blooms throughout the spring and summer seasons.

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Roses make a beautiful addition to your landscape; they add color and elegance year after year. All you need for success with your roses is a little bit of knowledge when it comes to variety, planting, watering, feeding and pruning. Here we have created a guide to help you, but you can always give us a call or come in and talk to us about your gardening questions!

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